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    BossCapital Live Discussion Thread !!!

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    Just wanted to add in, I used BC primarily before running with Nadex. I've done a total of about 200-300 trades with them and overall have felt comfortable with them thus far.

    Withdraws: I have been able to receive all my withdraw requests (3 of them), and outside of the very first one, I'd say it was pretty pain free. I blame most of the hassle the first time around for using CC, and just the waiting for email response and communication.

    Communication: I feel is extremely lacking. When they respond, I feel pretty confident that I'm speaking with a knowledgeable team member rather than a turn-based outsource. But I feel like communication is slow as if it's only a small select group (possibly is due to it being a new company)

    Trading: Everything's felt pretty solid. I've experienced only once or twice where I felt compelled to question the result of a trade possibly not taking. I like that they have alot of options, but are very scarce on long term trading, and really only excel at Call/Puts in the short term, but lack in Touches, Boundaries.

    So yea, that's my experience with them.

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    Thanks for sharing! Nice review
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    uaktags, It is now December 16 and was wondering if you are still with Boss Capital and it you would recommend them? Have there short term prices seem accurate or have you suspected some manipulation? How is there charting to you use it or do you use a mt4 from a different broker?

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