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    Gone in 60 Seconds, aka G60S The Fun Approach to Binaries !!!

    This is for all you 60 sec lovers out there

    "Binary Options should be easy, right? So why complicate them? Binary Options should bring you quick profits. So why use long term expiries? Binary Options should be fun like roulette. So why not use a Martingale approach Yeah, we are gonna make Binary Options FUN again so we are gonna talk about a simple 60 second strategy combined with Martingale of course. I just invented it of course, I have no idea if its profitable or if it has a high accuracy, but were going to have fun. Martingale and 60 seconds trading are the things we love to hate or hate to love, I cant really remember, so lets stop fighting it everybody is using them anyway."

    Keep reading and discussing:

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    Yeeeey!!! 60 sec funreads! I love them!

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    If you want to have 15 minutes of fun, and maybe make some money while you're doing it, this could be the strategy for you.

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