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    Administrator Martin Kay's Avatar

    Room for Trading Diaries? !!!

    so what do you think guys, new room for trading diaries? I'm in, who's with me?

    Oh and if yes, how should we call it?
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    Solid Member jango_down's Avatar

    "BOTS Members Trading Diaries

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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    Traders Log, The Log Book, Traders Diary, Trade Journal, Trading Journals, Captains Log...

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    Active Member hecky3's Avatar
    I don't really think it's necessary. I'm managing quite well with what we have now, but am happy to go along with the majority.

    Name: trading diary, journal or log.

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    Specialist Member Million Dollar Baby's Avatar
    Even though I selected "YESSSS", but I liked the phrase "Martin only because its you" .

    Trading diary room would be great because all traders (from beginner level to advance level) will have one place to search, post and comment on live trading. I am also in favor of new room because it will motivate more members to share their trading and thus increase experience of other members.

    How about naming this room as "BOTS Trading Diary".

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