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    Hello traders !!!

    Hey everyone. I am rick. I am new to binary trading. I have tried to learn a few things and am still learning. I am looking for a strategy to trade short term binary options. 60s, 2M, 5M and 15M. If you know of a good system or strategy for such please share. thank you

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    Hi Rick and welcome to our binary trading community!

    I hope you will find here what you are searching for. I have to mention here that trading 60 seconds is analog of scalping in ordinary trading and is something very difficult to achieve, only with discretionary methodologies. There is no (as far as I know) mechanical system that can trade 60 seconds profitably. This is partially true also for bigger time frames up to 15 minutes. There are good strategies for this time frame, but they work only in specific conditions like range bound markets or clearly trending markets, you have to find these conditions by yourself before switching on and off the strategy. So there�s many things to learn before you will be able to make this working for you, but that�s why we have such a great school and a lot of aspired traders to help you.
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    Hello Rick and welcome!

    There are many indicators and strategies.
    I don't like 60s or 2M trading so I'll leave that to someone else to answer but
    for higher timeframes there are some good strategies in the school.
    I've also shared a quite simple 15-30 minute strategy that should work will for beginners.
    Overall you need to practice and learn how to use a strategy and adapt your own techniques because
    saying a strategy is good might not help you. It would be like saying a samurai sword is sharp and
    a great sword but if you can't wield a sword at all then it's useless to you.
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    Hello, Rick!
    Welcome aboard! It’s likely that you will find what you need to know here. Try our BO Trading Strategies room and you’ll probably see for your question. Surely, with time you’ll find the best strategy for your type of trading and lifestyle and you’ll develop your own strategy.

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    Hi Rick. welcome to BOTS!!! there are many useful information and material in our school section which will help you.

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    Hello Rick! Welcome to BOTS! Hope you like it here. I suggest you try our new demo platform – it’s the best way to test strategies without the risk. Especially when the strategies are new to you.

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    on recommendation I would say to stick to at least 15 minute expiry, if not one hour or even 4 hours. Trading is tough, short term movements like 60S or 2min are to random for me.

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    Hi, Rick! I agree with the others: try trading a little longer trades at least while you are a beginner. It will be best for you.

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    ! welcome to the world of binaries!

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