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    Hope all experienced guru here can teach this newbie something !!!

    Hi all gurus,

    I'm Henry from Malaysia. Been trading forex for sometimes, now planning to invest into binary. After playing a few demo, its time to look for a good and reliable binary broker. I had been survey for days and gone through uncountable reviews till my head spinning. LOL. So here is my conclusion...

    A regulated broker doestn't means its a good broker. Same as a licenced big company might running some fault jobs at the backstage as well which we don't know. If you are loosing money or just making some chiken feed, they treat and surve you like king. But when you are making great and big profit then only they start to show you their true face which it could be summarised as below:

    1) Your strategy works and double or triple your account in a short time, then the broker will try sabotage your trade by doing some trick on your platform such as platform freezing or lagging, enter price mismatch or with spread (in forex term - slippage), trade suspended due to unknow reason etc etc. These are their platform and they can do whatever they want without our knowledge.

    2) You have make a big profit and going for a withdrawal, then the broker will try to give you many excuses to make your withdrawal as difficult as possible such as under investigation due to suspecious platform hacking, stolen credit card etc etc. Unless you stay in Cyprue or any Euro country near by which you can go bang their door anytime. For other people like us who stay at the other side of the globe, it just a pain in ass to argue with them.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

    By the way, if any gurus here who didn't facing the problems as stated above with their broker, please let me know as I'm planning to open a real account soon.

    Many thanks!!!

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    Well, to be honest, most brokers are not Santa Klaus, so you canít trust them fully. But there are a lot of reliable brokers who donít try to play kids tricks on you and you can be very successful without getting scammed or sabotaged. Here, at BOTS we have a list of good trustworthy brokers and a whole section where you can see how others feel about any of the list.
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    Well I want to correct you.. i've experienced some issues during the long time i've been trading binary options, i've been up and down, i've had issues with withdrawal, i've had issues with platform lagging and freezing, but in general - I can say i'm happy with what I've got. I'm making nice returns, not something I can brag about, but it's fine for me. In a way it's easier to me than Forex, although I wasn't really a very successful Forex trader either. Basically what im trying to say is, get yourself a reliable broker, screenshot your documentation and chats with support, record calls and trades if you feel like it, and you're all good. Even the best brokers suck sometimes, that's a fact.
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    If you donít fall for obvious fake promises and if you check with other customers of a given broker before you give it a try, you are most likely not going to get scammed. There are some suspicious moments sometimes especially if youíve been trading for a long time, but nothing that will stop you from being successful.

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    Thank you for all the advise, I know what to do next. Really forex not making the money as expected, hope I can get some real deal in BO.

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    To be honest, youíve got a point there. In my opinion BOs are a little (or even a lot) simpler than Forex. Actually when I was trading fx I was winning more, but I was also losing a lot more.

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    Hello to you! It seems like you are really passionate about trading. Most people quit after they lose some money and youíve survived a few cataclysms! Donít worry, you are experienced already and now when you know not to trust signal providers, you will do great. J Binary Options are not too hard and they can be mastered on your own means. Still, this forum is very helpful too

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    It was the same for me, Dan. Itís not that fx is that much harder, itís just that it takes a lot of time to get used to it. And when you adjust to its movements, they suddenly change rapidly. I liked fx for its diversity and It was always interesting for me, but I guess Iíll stick with BO. It doesnít promise such profit opportunities, but you can keep the balance easier and that's what is all about the bottom line at the end of the month

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