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    Biggest Scam in History - Money !!!

    This youtube video is awesome, its long but well worth watching, very interesting about currency, which is something we all have an interest in and trade daily.

    Disclaimer - I am closely affiliated with money, I like money and I like making money, I am at one with money, I sometime bath in money (weekends)

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    I found this very interesting. I am surprised no one has commented yet. I do not have enough knowledge of the things in this video to know if it is spot on or clever manipulation, but it has certainly got me interested in finding out.

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    Saw a lot of that in the past years. Mike Malone is quite good in the field. However, watching too much of that can make you a complete pessimist. The guys that run the system are not gods. They fail too. You can make money in any kind of system.

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