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    Boss Capital or Bust!? !!!

    I am strongly considering Boss Capital. I am a new, U.S. based trader. Any experiences or feedback would be great. Seems like there are mostly dishonest or poorly managed and funded brokers. Being that they are new scars me also.

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    You are right that there are a lot of dishonest and poorly managed brokers. It is better to stick with the good ones. Check CTOption or other trusted broker.
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    Check our list of honest brokers. It’s very discouraging to be scammed while still learning. It’s always better to start with someone with good reputation.

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    As I know, boss capital , redwood, traderush are run by the same company. why I know this ? join in their affiliate, you will find the offer of these three platforms, and one of the affiliate manager also admitted it.

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    Guys, just finished BossCapital Review. Check it out.

    Oh and sorry for the inconvenience, but we're closing this thread and opening a brand new one to discuss BossCapital - http://forums.binaryoptionsthatsuck....cussion-Thread

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