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    Greetings from an "experienced" newbie !!!

    Greetings . I'm from Canada. I started binary options back in May/14 and immediately landed with the sharks of Banc de Binary...the vultures of the binary options world. But thats another story. I have always been taught to take responsibilty for my actions. Needlesstosay, I have lost thousands of dollars with those guys and thats all I'll say at this time.

    On a positive note, binary options fascinate me. I can see myself making a lot of money after having the discipline to learn what it takes to read the charts properly in order to minimize risks.

    I would love to reach a point where I can do BO on a full time basis and replace my current job. At that point , hopefully I am proficient enough to help others so they dont make the same disasterous mistakes I did.

    Does anyone know of any mentors I can work with on a personal basis that know what they are doing, don't charge too much, have the integrity and patience to train me in binary options. I know I can read a lot of text and listen to a lot of recordings but its not the same as trading with the masters. Will this website help with that? Perhaps I need to do some more exploring.

    Good luck to all traders - especially the newbies!

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    I am sorry to hear that. If you are fascinated with BO you can learn a lot from our community, but if you really want to make money out of it, keep your focus and risk management very precisely and don�t make big bets, because actually trading can be a business not only a gambling. Trading on Demo here with the green button at the top of the Forum will bring you valuable risk free experience!

    I can not give you any advises for mentoring because there are many scammers out there, some of the mentors can be genuine but I can�t guarantee that. We have here some great traders, like Michael and Bogdan who have many years of experience in the markets. If you ask questions here you will surely be one step ahead and will start to learn what real trading is. Wish you good luck and many success in the markets

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    you've came the right place! This forum is not exactly a one on one kind of learning experience, but our members and I would try the best to help you.
    I also recommend going through our school - . Lots of interesting stuff to read, not to mention lots of "must-read" article. Whatever question you have, post it in the right forum room (don't feel bad if you don't know which room fits, we're here to help!)

    Welcome aboard!
    “Don't believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.” ― Douglas Adams

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    Hey Tucson,

    I am just replying to say good luck, as I am a newbie myself. I am in the process of reading and trying to absorb as much as possible. I have read some sketchy stuff about BdB. I am lucky in the respect that I am very skeptical and always research before I do anything in the net, so even tho my fingers were twitching to click that "join now" "deposit now" button, I didnt and ended up here instead. I am doing the preschool articles, and will do the primary and college before I do anything else. I am looking to find a supplementary income iof any kind, and I might as well learn what I can about BO in my search.

    Good luck, and I look forward to seeing how it goes for you.

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    Hi, I am sorry for your bad experience. Also it is good to hear that no matter the losses, you have decided not to quit BOs. Luckily you are at the best possible place. Here you’ll find many articles that will help you understand trading better and will give you ideas and motivation to become more profitable. Also, you could follow some very good and experienced traders instead of real mentors by viewing their journals. Good luck to you!

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