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    hi !!!

    Hi everyone I'm new to this so who could help me out in anyway would be highly appreciated

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    Hi Maria and welcome to CommuniTraders!
    It is great you are here. Starting with some beginners articles in the School section of the main site and than ask questions here! Start a thread and ask for example �what is the difference between a contract ending ITM and OTM� or whatever you feel you don�t understand. This will bring you more trust and you will slowly start to understand how to proceed. Also starting demo trading with our CT platform which is available through the Open Trade App green button on the top of the screen will give you great feeling what trading binary options is.

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    Hi Maria,

    I hope you will like our community and it will be helpful to you with everything from the basics to the advanced trading stuff. Don’t hesitate to ask whatever you feel is necessary for your education

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