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Thread: first attempt

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    first attempt !!!

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    Hello! My first trade to binary options...and would like to trade 60 seconds...

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    This was a really bad one....

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    I was trying a strategy that I saw it is with MACD seemed to work..but.....

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    60 seconds is hard, what kind of charts are you using for your analysis?

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    It is best to place puts after price rallies, because eur/usd is in a downtrend. When the sentiment changes you would want to make calls. The pair is not ready for calls yet. You in most cases make money by trading in the direction and lose trading against it.

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    I use the to see the live charts....maybe i will try out a new strtagey just watching for which will people bet more in a 30 minute time...I do not believe this could work, but until I have demo account it is worth to try Thank you for the replies!

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