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    No, first time hear about them. There is a brokers room where to ask, this room have different purpose. Check forum rules!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    how does a Newbie like me get integrated into this rigmarole of getting into psyche with all you oldtimers and traders. Have lost money out there and want to start making some now!

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    I am still on the one two trade platform. I have been a bit quiet lately. While every one is trading I am working. Got home this morning and caught the open of the Australian markets. Did 3 trades all good. The first one had an hour to expiry, went short and played the old game, added to the position as it went up. The last trade probably had some luck involved as the fluctuations in price were quiet narrow. But just went with the trend 5 minutes to expiry.
    0.72063 0.72054 25.05.16
    04:03 25.05.16
    04:15 £25.00 Won £44.00
    0.71931 0.71888 25.05.16
    00:10 25.05.16
    01:00 £25.00 Won £44.00
    0.71919 0.71888 25.05.16
    00:07 25.05.16
    01:00 £25.00 Won £44.00
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    Hello Greensail!

    Do you start your trading diary? You're welcome. You can start it and share trades. Talk to forum moderator and admin, please.

    Happy trading!

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    A TIP For Attaching Charts - !!!

    I hope every body sees this... It's really great the way that everyone is posting their trades, charts and analysis. One thing I would like to touch on is when you post a chart, please clearly mark where the entry was. It may be just me, but I often have a hard time knowing which candle or level a signal was taken on, it would help all of us learn and to give better feed back if entries are more clearly marked. That is all.


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    Hey I am one of those "email me and I will make you rich quick marketers, please ban me so I don't waste my time here."
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    Hello house am new to binary options and i find this forum very interesting. now i want to register and deposit fund in stockpair broker cos i see its the only accepted broker on this platform. I want to know how this platform works and how to copy trades into my accounts.

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    Hello natureoptions! We are not a copy trade service, but a community dedicated to learning and understanding how the markets works and how to trade properly on your own. We have a beta service for connecting your StockPair account to CommuniTraders but it is not intended for automated copy trading, only to follow and manually copy them if you wish. Better to first start demo trading in CommuniTraders platform and become more familiar with it first.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Yeh. True is true. Or is it?
    Actually making REAL money, that'd be good.
    Point me / us in the right direction and thank you very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaijaq7 View Post
    I don't think u are allowed to do this in here ..
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