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    Third-Party Verification is now here! !!!

    Is this FINALLY the end of scamming?

    A true Binary Option Expert Advisor is NOW here which trades fully automatically without any user involvement.

    The great thing is that all its results are collected and third-party verified by MetaQuotes.

    No scamming, no scanned bank statements, no cherry-picked results!

    What about viewing totally reliable data in REAL time? Will it catch on?

    For full details visit:


    Let us hope it is the start of a NEW beginning.

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    Administrator Martin Kay's Avatar
    Hi Mate,

    I don't see the problem with the signals themselves. Why do we need to verify signals? What is this MetaQuotes verification needed for?

    Really want to hear more about this service, never really liked those ssp's showing winning trades only
    “Don't believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.” ― Douglas Adams

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    Hi Martin,

    I am not the designer of this EA but just a subscriber. As such, I will attempt to answer your questions as well as possible.

    Similar to many of your members, I have attempted to locate binary options expert advisors or signal services, which really work and are not just scams. Hate to add up how much I wasted trying products that turned out to be just rubbish.

    Possibly, the main reason that I became a member of BOTS is that you and your consultants provide such a good job attempting to identify scams. One of the main features associated with scamming tools is that all their results tend to be presented by the designer or owner.

    You really have no idea if they have been manipulated, which is the case in most instances.

    That is why I got so excited when I stumbled across the BinaryWizard2 (BW2) recently. Basically, this tool is an EA that can trade binary options fully automatically with no user involvement. A signal service has then been designed using the MQL5 facilities based on the BW2. This means that when the BW2 executes new positions, they are automatically copied to any other user who has subscribed to the BW2.

    The main point is this. All the results are collected and third-partied verified in real time by MetaQuotes, which is, of course, the creator of the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. As such, they cannot be tampered with in any way whatsoever. I can now confirm this fact as I am a subscriber to the BW2. This means that the statistics presented on the BW2’s MQL5 account are totally reliable.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2014-09-19_11-29-56.jpg 
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    However, some of the test results are not accurate as you stated although the majority are. This is because the MQL4 software language was originally designed to develop FOREX based tools and not Binary Options. For instance, a Forex Expert Advisor executes OPEN and CLOSE instructions whereas the BW2 only sends an OPEN instruction as trades close at the end of selected expiry times.

    As such, some of the parameters presented are not correct because they have not yet been updated by MetaQuotes for binary options. For instance, the WIN parameter in the above diagram is wrong and the Avg PIPS is irrelevant. The BW2 designers explain all this on a specific webpage:


    This company even explains the rationale behind their EA and what users can expect to happen from using it.


    I have never come across anything like the BW2 that provides such transparency. In fact, I have not located any other EAs capable of fully trading binary options automatically." NOTE: the ITMBinaryWizard was the original version"

    As such, after analyzing all the third partied info and the associated website, I have become a subscriber at $26 per month. Hell, I wasted $100s, if not$1,000s already on crap. I decided that I would like to monitor the BW2 in real-time to confirm if it is the real thing. So far, all the trades executed on my site have mirrored those presented on the BW2’s MQL5 account exactly.

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    Have you heard of BinEx - a Binary Option/Forex hybrid EA?

    The designers of the BinaryWizard2 have now built a Binary Option/Forex hybrid EA which utilizes the pros of both Binary Options

    and Forex while countering their negatives. For example, one of the biggest problems with Binary Options is their appalling

    Reward/Risk ratio. Although you can collect about 80% when in-the-money, you can lose 100% when out-of-the-money producing

    an R/R ratio below unity.

    So, if you risk $100 per trade and experience 2 wins and 1 loss than you will gain a profit of $60. However, if you were to lose 2

    trades and win 1, your balance would fall by $140. Definitely not good odds and explains why the BinaryWizard2 was developed

    with an impressive Win/Loss Ratio > 80%.

    This new hybrid EA counters this R/R problem by generating ratios greater than unity. As such, the sequence of results listed

    above are now reversed. In addition, this EA still exploits the high payout ratios of Binary options. Consequently, extensive testing

    has disclosed vastly superior results to even those of the BinaryWizard2.

    Again all results will be Third-Party verified by MetaQuotes. Details of this new innovative EA will be presented soon at http://www.freebinaryoptionstradingt...t-Advisor.html

    I am trying to get the designer of these tools to visit this thread, however, he is not that keen to promote these EAs randomly as he thinks that the Binary Option market has had the s?!t scammed out of it. Besides which his company makes substantial profits from its own trading. Still these innovations are available to anyone interested.

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    Since so many people have viewed this thread I thought that I would supply some more information about BinEx for your research purposes.

    As stated above BinEx is a Hybrid of Forex and Binary Option trading which attempts to boost the pros of each one while suppressing their cons.

    When a Binary Option strategy is built and is operating it produces commands that are sent to your brokers platform. At that point you lose total control of these commands as

    they fall under jurisdiction of your broker. For example,you have no control over the payout and refund ratios and as such can experience very weak reward to risk ratios, ie. less than unity.

    BinEx attempts to overcome this serious restriction by keeping you in more control of the payout/refund ratios.

    So a BinEx is an interface that mathematically converts the binary option final commands into a more favorable form.

    For example, reward to risk ratios of 200% are now being achieved without adversely impacting the win to loss ratio.

    You could ask why not just design a Forex strategy from scratch? However by designing a Binary option strategy you focus on high payout, directional movement and not size.

    For details of the Expert Advisors currently under design you can visit


    As advised all results are Third-Party verified.

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    By the way, I notice that some members are seeking MQL4 code enabling them to create their own Binary Option EAs.

    The designers of the BinaryWizard2 are providing such information.

    Contact support at for details...

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    Quote Originally Posted by binary options phantom View Post
    So a BinEx is an interface that mathematically converts the binary option final commands into a more favorable form.

    For example, reward to risk ratios of 200% are now being achieved without adversely impacting the win to loss ratio.
    That sounds almost amazing. Using math to increase payouts from 70% - 80% to 200% is unheard about. Well, at least I never heard about something like that but I am not a mathematician.

    Could you tell me more about Terry and his Theory of Binitivity? (I see you have a special section for that on your website.) How is Terry? Is that his website? Invite him for a visit.

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein (attributed)

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    Hi Bogdan, Pleasure to meet you,I have always found your posts very interesting.

    To be honest I am absolutely useless at math and far at home with shopping and cooking.

    However,this is what I grasp so far, the BinEx is an interface which converts the final binary option command into a forex one based on S/L and T/P.

    This interface is designed to produce an equivalent high Binary Option pay-out using minimum pip capture. Basically,pips are used to gain better control of the pay-out/refund ratios.

    I have been advised by the designers that their website will be soon updated with more details about this BinEx idea.

    They are currently preforming live tests using their MQL5 account which is producing the erratic behavior displayed.

    They are expecting to finish this stage sometime this month.

    I have deduced from studying their site that it is owned by a team of Wall St traders.

    Again I am only guessing that Terry was a consultant who produced his theory and helped design the format of the daily tips.

    I have asked if a member of the company would join this thread. They do mot wish to do so at present despite likeing the Bots site.

    They said that as they make a substantial income from their own trading they are only interested in the research work at this time.

    They simply do not want to get dragged into the mayhem of the 95%.

    Sorry I have know idea how to get hold of Terry, as I do not know him personally.

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    Master Member Bogdan G's Avatar
    Ok man, thanks for the answer.

    All the best
    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein (attributed)

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    i everyone, so pleased to see that so many people are also trying to find the best way to rate binary options products.

    I am still very interested in this "Third-Partied Verification" concept which I think could be an ideal solution if it can be proven to work.

    To give you an update, the people at "" have now released two new Binary Options Expert Advisor.

    They both utilize the BinEx and Third-Party verification concepts which are explained on the following two webpages,



    I have spoken to the CEO of the company who advised that it will take some time for these EAs to produce their true trading patterns.

    There is another EA operated by one of the companies managers that has produced more weeks of Third-Partied verified results.

    If you would like to study them then please visit

    By doing so you can confirm that it is now producing an encouraging growth rate after a bedding in period.

    You will also be pleased to find that none of these EAs use hard sell techniques. The approach of this company is to rely on Third-Party verification.

    The CEO further advised that by using the BinEx interface to produce a W/L ratio > 50% and a Reward/Risk ratio > 100% the EAs will capture the high ground and carry the day!

    If nothing else, at least you can gain a ring side seat as this battle rages on.

    Hope you all find this info of help...My battle cry has become "Show me the Third-Partied verified Results

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