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    PLEASE Help pick the best USA based Binary broker... EX-Green Room rookie !!!

    Hi everyone, its my first time here and I wish I would have searched out this forum before joining the Green Room trading (scam). I wont say anything about Green Room other than I just never made the money I was promised, so dont ask why or how in this thread.. at this point I just wanted to get your opinion on whether I should continue with the broker they had me sign up with , which is Boss Capital. I have ZERO balance as it is, so before continuing with my trading career and my new indicator, I really want to make sure I have the best broker since I am based in the USA. Of course withdrawals are most important, i also want to make sure there is minimal difference between MT4 vs broker platform, and as many options to trade as possible. Im focusing on 5 minute and 2 minute trades currently. I looked around the forum, but it seems alot of brokers mentioned are not USA based/approved, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated (and reasons why ) CHEERS, great forum by the way!
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    Hi goldeneye, sorry to hear about the green room trading scam... Anyway, back in buisness, I think BossCapital is a reilable broker, but have never tried it. I'm just following other discussions i've seen regarding this broker. as for other brokers -

    check for CTOption. I really like them.

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