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    OptionSignalers LIVE&FREE Signals !!!

    Hi to everybody

    From this thread I will be posting LIVE signals for 8 major pairs.Signals are suited for binary options trading and are based on a system I ve developed (more on system is already on its 3rd year of evaluation with backtesting results published.Forward testing results will be available bimonthly.Untill 3 to 4 year evaluation period is complete all signals will be free so I am not selling any service nor do I promote a business venture for the time being -after evaluation is completed things may change.
    Keep in mind that charts monitored are FXPro MT4 .
    Timezone is GMT+3.
    Also signal records for cross reference are kept on and Twitter (@opsig1).
    Further instructions will be posted with each signal.

    The system is currently under evaluation. Keep also in mind that this is the 1st forwardtest which will end on April 2015(and possibly continue for 1 more year).
    -That means that I don’t discourage nor do I encourage anyone from using the system. Right now I am just presenting (and recording) the results .What you do with them is up to you.
    -That also means that because forwardtesting is already in the 5th month (and there are already 2 years of backtesting on the same platform) I cannot migrate to another platform even if it fully tested and bug free. I understand readers concerns but untill evaluation is complete, I need to have a singular unchanged data source so as not to mix results and peoples view on the system. After that I have no objection on using other platforms too. Published signals and results are recorded on Twitter and Facebook accounts (not editable) and can be easily crosschecked from the platform I am currently using.
    -I will not be able to answer to every post.It is not that I am disrespecting anyone.The reason is partly because I don’t have enough time but mainly because I believe in a thread like this (or a social trading thread in general) conversation /chatting should be kept to a bare minimum so as not to interfere with the actual signals but also not to distract viewers (literally interfere with their sentiments and assessment) .I understand people need to communicate their agonies ,joy even their anger sometimes but I think that these CAN be exploited and should be expressed on other threads or forums separate from the actual signal thread (consider this my personal view on a signal providers «code of conduct»).Of course all system related questions -if not answered in this post-will be answered asap.

    This is the forward test(ongoing):
    These are the 2 year backtest stats:

    Live signals suited primarily for binaries
    Entries at top of current hour
    Exit all trades at 23:59
    Local Time GMT+3
    Monitoring FXPRO MT4 charts

    29/8/2014 Signal : EUR/GBP to rise EUR/JPY to rise
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    How'd those work out?

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    Welcome here! I hope you will share more than one single signal and will participate actively in other discussions too!

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    29/8 signals result !!!

    29/8/2014 signals result

    EUR/GBP entry 079251 exit 079109 X

    EUR/JPY entry 136737 exit 13660 X

    I sure would have loved to finish the week gloriously but well…..

    Don’t get gloomy though.Check out the forward testing results (4 months incl August) to get the big picture.

    Remember the OptionSignalers system is a multiple trades ,long term yielding system (at least when it comes to no filtered trades)

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    Trading signals are appreciated. Please use this room daily trading tips and signals room (moved). keep it up!

    Notice: if your're selling signals, it's OK to use this room to suggest signals. If you want to promote your service, use the buisness room - http://forums.binaryoptionsthatsuck....ons-Businesses and post a link from the first post in this thread. You can have thread in total - 1 for signals, and the other simply to promote your service (if indeed you're selling it).


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    Hi Martin

    Thanks for the info.I am not selling signals and this is not a business (at least not yet).The system is entering its 3rd year of evaluation.After that we'll see.Regarding your request about using 2 threads max (corrrect me if I am wrong ) if I keep this thread , the thread title must change to smth more generic since it will not be exclusively for EUR/GBD or EUR/JPY.How can I do that?

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    you can click edit post and go to advanced. If it's not working for any reason, write your suggested title here and i'll change.

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    9/2/2014 LIVE signal AUD/USD to rise

    Exit at 23:59

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    Hi Martin

    I can't find how to change thread (not post) title.I want to make it "OptionSignalers LIVE&FREE Signals".
    Also is there a way not to get logged out after a while ?Usually I am on standby and this could help my timing
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    Quote Originally Posted by optionsignalerscom View Post
    Hi Martin

    I can't find how to change thread (not post) title.I want to make it "OptionSignalers LIVE&FREE Signals".
    Also is there a way not to get logged out after a while ?Usually I am on standby and this could help my timing
    Title changed. About the idle time - will be fixed on CT2.0. meanwhile, try and click from time to time (:

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