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    "LeeWay's 15M Binary Option Signals System" - FREE !!!

    Source (Posted by LeeWay):


    Comment from the author LeeWay(Translation to English):
    The calculation is carried out only on the arrow of the first quotation of the bar.
    Comment 2: LATEST VERSION indicator does not take into account the history. As explained to me the programmer, it does not count at all the history, and works in real time.
    Does it repaint? there is nothing to be repaint, the algorithm for calculating no bars on the story but real time calculation only.

    Ran LeeWay back test
    from 01.01.2014 - now
    15M TF Chart @ EUR USD (Used USD JPY template on EUR USD)
    Total Signals: 230
    ITM : 60.9%

    Share your feedback and results !

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    What??? no history, repainting? no way,

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