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    hello !!!

    So, i am very new to all this, and stumbled across this site yesterday? I am just reading through all the articles and learning as i go, trying to find the relevant software needed and am hoping to find work out some strategies, understand them and see if they work or not.

    I will be playing around on demo accounts until I am confident about live trades.

    I will be looking for lots of tips and advice as time goes on, but until then i will just try and learn about Binary trading.


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    Legendry Member willyw's Avatar
    HI Swartie, welcome to BOTS. You can look up our school section where there are lots of useful information to guide you.

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    Hi, great to see you there! It's great that you like the community. I hope after exploring it nicely, you'll love it even more!
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    Take your time mate, no rush. I like the way you explain us about your future plans(; I will look for you around! I will help if you need me!

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    Nice to have you here!

    Don't hesitate to ask questions

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    Hi, welcome aboard! You seem to have chosen the best strategy – learning, reading and then practicing! Feel free to ask questions and we’ll help you grow!

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