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    Boss Capital Reviews or experience? !!!

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone has or has had an account with Boss Capital? (specifically if you are located in the US). I opened an account about 1 month ago and have yet to make a withdrawal. Things are going good so I wanted to make sure everything is on the up and up.

    From my experience so far there has been no manipulation that I can see and customer service is quick...I sent in my documents and am just waiting for final approval after having to resend one.

    I do know they are a new broker established in Jan of this year. Although they do provide an address I could not verify it.

    Google searches provide only the normal affiliate review websites so I havent come across any non-bias info. Basically Im reaching out to see what experience or information people have about the company!


    edit: Also I heard they are a branch or subsidiary of I think Topoption, they created another "company" because Cysec regulations do not cater to US clients, thus they created Boss Capital to accept US clients. If anyone could verify or deny that it would be appreciated!
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    Sorry but I don’t have any experience with them. I think you are right and they are related with Topoption. This way there probably are some regulations, but as you already know US traders are not allowed to trade binary options without US regulated exchange. I hope everything will go well with your trading and your funds!

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    Just wanted to give a quick update.. After sending in all documents I completed a no hassle withdrawal and boss capital sent several emails containing status updates..2 days to process and a total of 3 days to show up in bank account. Overall very happy!

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    hi ryder1541

    have you tested any strategies from

    It is somehow affiliate to bass caital. In order to get the strategies indicators you must open an account with boos capital.

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    Hi, no I havent. I try to stay away from affiliates, indicater services, and/or sign up bonuses...information/reviews are always biased. However my experience so far with Boss Capital has been positive and the best broker I have tried so far, so I am comparing to goptions, beeoptions, and cedar finance. Also have tried platinum trader which was by far the worst broker.


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    Any recent updates? I am considering Boss Capital as my first binary broker.

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    Guys, just finished BossCapital Review. Check it out.

    Oh and sorry for the inconvenience, but we're closing this thread and opening a brand new one to discuss BossCapital - http://forums.binaryoptionsthatsuck....cussion-Thread

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