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    thou shalt not pass 1.703 !!!

    feeling like gandalf tonight
    thou shalt not pass 1.703
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    Lol. Is night there already??

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    yes mate. I am suffering a lack of sleep due to too many FIFA world cup sleepless nights lol.

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    No doubt. but don't let it finish ever (;

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    It doesn't pass by me during the trade high/low . call option GBP/USD Entry positions 1.70051

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    im sorry milos, but Gandalf has spoken lol. (below is my current BO position, still 2 days to go. Gandalf will not let it fail)

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    Haha looks like you are too obsessed with your position and you will have a few more sleepless nights. :P

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    lol, not really obsessed. Just having a bit of fun with a trade most likely to fail. (aussie humour). The GDB certainly did pass 1.703. My other trades are looking good thankfully.
    Actually this is one thing i do not like about stockpair platform expire times. Only option is end of day or end of week. You cannot make 24hr, 1week trades so trades like mine below must close at the end of week. I would be more confident if i could of ended the trade around tue/wed next week.

    Oh well nevermind, still 22hrs to go . Maybe some bears will attack this mountain and bring it down lol.

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