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    eureka Forum is Great. But we're missing something. What is it ? !!!

    Hi Guys!!

    So i've opened this thread for one big reason - I want to hear your thoughts about the forum!!

    How do you like it so far??
    Is the community helpful??
    Is it organized enough??
    Can you find stuff you're looking for?
    How are the discussion?
    Do we need anything new? What do we need?
    How do we make it better??

    Oh man, so many question (:

    Let's make some posts here!! Wanting to hear your thoughts, so speak'em loud please#!##!


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    Solid Member jango_down's Avatar
    This forum is heaven for the BO trader both new and old. There is nothing else like it on the inernets. Helpful friendly atmosphere and plenty of market analysis and trading strat info you could ever want.

    It's hard to know how to make it better but I'll add these three just to put it out there:

    - maybe add a sticky in the beginners section purely devoted to MT4. Where to download it and how it works, explaining all the buttons and options available etc . There is plenty already in the school I know that but I'm talking about a real dumbed down instructions.

    - maybe a trading dictionary sticky thread lol. Countless times I have had to google words to try and understand what the heck milos and bogdan are talking about hehe, simple terms to regulars can be lost on newbs. If there was a thread on trading terms/meanings it could be helpful.

    - I know this is a stupid request but..... if the expiratory setting on the demo trading platform could have a pop up Calender/clock so we could adjust our closing date/time it would have many benefits for trading analysis. Also as I'm with stock pair and they have closing times like "end of day/week" etc and it's impossible to match the bots demo platform to mirror future analysis for such stockpair trades. If you could set your close time/date you could run true demos correlating stockpair's expiratory times.

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    First Comment!! Thanks for Sharing Jango. Every idea counts!

    1. Section devoted to MT4- We have this one - http://forums.binaryoptionsthatsuck....ader-4-Q-amp-A . I think it covers MT4 pretty well!

    2. Glossary/dictionary - There's a point in posting it on forum. You're correct. BTW, for those of you reading this and don't know yet - Very very useful!

    3. CommuniTraders. First, CT2.0 is almost here, so close I can already smell it (: We've added lots of Time Frames available to trade, you got that covered mate!

    if the expiratory setting on the demo trading platform could have a pop up Calender/clock so we could adjust our closing date/time it would have many benefits for trading analysis
    now this really deserves a thread of it's own, let me explain. I never saw any binary options brokers offering such option. Therefore I see no reason to add it to CommuniTraders, although I'd love to have such option. Your request deserves a thread because this could be a great option for traders, yet no single broker offer this option!! I don't know why, maybe others could enlighten us. But let's leave it to a different discussion (: Feel free to open a new thread!

    Keep them coming (: Let's make this community better together!

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    Great thread and really hard to summarize exactly what can be done to improve the forum. For me there are few things that can be done. Firstly better organizing tools and strategy threads! Most of us rely on strategies in their regular trading activity and we have to put more efforts in analyzing together and improving our strategies. Second thing I can recommend is to make more efforts to discuss in details the CT trades of our leaders. If we analyze success and failure we will be better prepared as traders. More social trading and more personal diaries will boost our profits surely.

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