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    trade#3 Sun 8 June !!!

    Just new here and was advised on the forum to practise some trades here. No strategy or analysis yet but looking forward to learning
    trade#3 Sun 8 June
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    Hi avalonkate,

    Great that you started trading! My advise is to stick to longer term trades at least at the beginning. Try with daily or 4 hours, but not less than 1 hour trades. 60 seconds is pure gambling even for the experienced traders. So don’t use them, than after you become familiar with the platform you can start making some simple analysis in Metatrader. It is free demo software provided by many forex brokers, like HotForex or OANDA. Better to have the bigger picture in front of you when trading. It is possible to switch between time frames in Metatrader and look at the same time daily and hourly charts. For precise entries look at 5 minute charts! Wish you good luck

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