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    Support and resistance !!!

    im using support and resistance strategy, moving average,MACD,Stochastic Full and CCI.
    5% or  less  from my account
    Support and resistance
      Will Expire in
      Entry Price
       Cur/Exp Price
      Trade's LIVE   status
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    Attachment 1777

    here's my current portfolio which i just trade this morning(asian time). reason to show this is not to show off but to motivate you guy. im not trade with big amount since my account was 1k.
    practice with your demo account at least 3 months, study everthing, news,indicators, platforms,strategies,Money Management and Discipline YOURSELF! and i found Disciplined myself was TOUGH! and that's why i mention 3 MONTHS. i know it sounds SUCK but worth to wait . mean while practice with demo account what i do was saving my money since i know how to make money however there's still lose trade . Remember focus on 1 Asset,set your trading hour,how many trade per day(winning or lose trade).and yet im still learning
    Good Luck making Money!

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    here's my result using Support & resistance, MACD, full stochastic and CCI
    and i call it a day. it's time to do something else

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    Nice, hook us up with a chart to look at please...

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    hey ya !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Hodges View Post
    Nice, hook us up with a chart to look at please...
    sure thing
    Sorry but i forgot to mention that my major strategy was price action. using indicators just to assist me a bit
    because i dont know what you guys see in my chart. i will share my current portfolio and my charts
    anything just ask me
    im no pro

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    this is how they look like
    nothing special but i do know what im doing
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