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    Old school NEWBIE !!!

    New in the binary field but old school trader. This will be my new full time research project, my capital is mostly
    tied up so I've been told to split what I have and use half for micro-caps!?!? My account should be funded in the a.m. and have yet to see a live platform or streaming OTC chart. Can probably take my computer apart and put it back together but adding charts...OMy...Best of IT to ya! Lets have some fun and make LOTS o' MONEY.L2T

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    haha, nice presentation. I think you can explain a bit more what you aim to play, because I can't understand you so well now, but anyway Welcome to CommuniTraders mate

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    Welcome to BOTS, luvs2trade. Hope to see you share your trading knowledge and experience with us here.

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