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    The Strongest Binary Options Signal- Convergence !!!

    I always recommend that you use more than one tool when making technical analysis decisions. This article describes how and why a convergence of signals makes one really strong signal. for example, the stochastic can signal buy but if it is just below resistance may not be a good signal. If, however the stochastic buy occurs just above support it could be a great signal. The difference is subtle but one that can pay big.

    The very best way to judge market direction is through a convergence of indicators. By using more than one indicator you can weed out whipsaws and other false signals. What exactly is a convergenc? A convergence is when one or more things come together, forming one. Roads converge on the highways, thoughts converge in educational environments and technical indicators converge on stock charts. When technical indicators converge and give a unified signal it is showing you that individual market forces have come together, forming one.

    Convergence of Indicators

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    Well put. This is how I analyze the charts when I choose entries .

    The signals are good when oscillators are in convergence, but the strongest
    and most accurate signals are the ones that are also confirmed by price action, S/R-Lines.

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