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    Hi, I think I posted my response to another thread, sorry guys. Anyways, I also have an issue with Anyoption, I made I trade today for $75, USD/CHF, price is 0.88658, made a CALL, expiry 11:00am. At expiry, Anyoption's closing price is 0.88630, however, when I compared it to Optionfair's expiry price (both are using Thomson Reuters for data), Optionfair's price is 0.88659, freestockcharts has it 0.88658. I can understand 2-3 points difference but more than 25? I e-mailed tyhem about it and no response yet.

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    StockPair Price VS. MT4 by FXPro - Final Results !!!

    Hi Guys,

    StockPair Quotes VS. MT4. Looks good!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	stockpair pricing.jpg 
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    Tested: Time of test - 12:30 on March 7th 2014
    Shown: Last 3 digits of a 5 digit MT4 broker on the EUR/USD 1 minute chart
    Max. deviation: less then 10 pipettes/1pip

    StockPair seems pretty accurate in the deviation to the MT4 price. There are a few deviations near 10 pipettes, but they were caused by being maybe a second behind on the MT4 price. Until now the most accurate pricing!
    You're welcome to test them yourselves or leave any comments. Cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeasaltMcFish View Post
    Hi Murphy

    1 pip = 10 pipettes.
    The total length of the Graph = 12:25 minutes.
    Every second was measured in 3 parts for precision sake, but that's peanuts in this Graph. Normal reaction time of a trader when opening a trade will be about 1 second.

    The vertical line numbers are the change in price, showed by the last 3 of 5 digits. So 1.37701 wil be 701. It's easier to write when testing

    Most brokers use a 5 digit price, so every horizontal line (i.e. 790, 800 etc) is one pip or 10 pipettes. Sometimes a graph will show a distance of 20 (due to price movements) but it's always in pipettes.

    Your example is correct. It would be 2 pips, but in short term trading that's a lot in many trades. If you would lose 10% of your trades because of this difference, it would cost you a lot of money. That's why testing is so important!
    Thank you very much SeasaltMcFish for this detailed explanation! Now everything is clear to me. It looks that StockPair has excellent quotes but Anyoptions is sometimes switching with 2 pips. It is not that much and could affect only very short term traders but still it is something that has to be taken into account.

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    Differences of one or even two pips from time to time are usual even for some of the forex brokers. I have some friend that know that very well and exploit these tinny differences to profit from short term arbitrage scalping between two brokers – often one of them is with lagging quotes. They make some profits few thousands and go away because if they continue to work that way for more than few days the broker spot them and make it much difficult to trade with numerous requites and other tricks. So for the brokers lagging or not exact quotes mean also vulnerability to them. I don’t think binary options brokers are much different. If they make some strange things somebody will find that and exploit it, so they all are trying to keep their noise as low as possible.

    For us regular traders it is very important to have broker with good quotes so I appreciate very much this research. Thank you guys!

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    2 pips don't mean much on most long term trades. The shorter they get, the more important is the quote. In an 1 hour exp. time, it could happen maybe 2% of your trades, but in a 15m trade, it could already be 10% etc.

    That's why it's so important to test it yourself, your MT4 with your BO broker! This is merely an example why this is important.

    Your MT4 broker may have different quotes. If your binary options broker doesn't follow the quotes of your MT4 platform, your strategy -developed on MT4- may not work with your broker, especially in short term trading. This could mean you have to find another BO broker or another MT4 platform, that fits most to your strategy.

    I do agree that it could also be an advantage to know these differences, but that's why live testing is even more important to you and other traders. If we spot changes in pricing, expiration or delays when successful, we should put it in this forum, so others don't fall into the same trap.

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    TitanTrade Test - Interesting to see prices very similar to MT4 !!!

    We continue testing more binary options brokers, now it's TitanTrade.

    What's interesting about it is that the prices are very similar to the ones presented on MT4 by FXPro. Needs more research!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	titan price.jpg 
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    Tested: 12:30 Mins. March 7th 2014
    Shown: Last 3 digits of a 5 digit MT4 broker on the EUR/USD 1 minute chart
    Max. deviation: Changing!!!

    Im very curious about those results. First, it's one of the only brokers we've tested with such similarity between the mt4 and the broker's quotes. Second, the deviation seems to be changing for certain periods of time. We definitely need more research to understand more. Meanwhile, let's continue with more brokers.

    Forum Members: If you're trading with TT, would be very interesting to see your own results.

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    Very interesting results! We are very curious what will be the next test. This kind of tests gives us the possibility to understand the real time pricing mechanisms. I think deviations of up to 1 pips are not something big, but as we already saw some tests shows deviations with even two pips.

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    GTOptions VS. MT4 !!!

    GTOptions vs. MT4 by FXpro. Changing Deviation, seems like there's a delay during breakthroughs.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	gtoption price.jpg 
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ID:	1528
    Tested: 12 minutes and 25 seconds on March 7th 2014
    Shown: Last 3 digits of a 5 digit MT4 broker on the EUR/USD 1 minute chart
    Max. deviation: Changing!!!
    Feel free to comment or test it at home(:

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    UBinary Test Vs. MT4 - Good Average results! !!!

    This time we've check Ubinary vs. MT4 platform by FXPro. I'm not saying a nearly 1 pip deviation is good, but I do think it's a fine result. Keep it up!

    1 pip deviation, good

    Tested: 12 minutes and 25 seconds on March 7th 2014
    Shown: Last 3 digits of a 5 digit MT4 broker on the EUR/USD 1 minute chart
    Max. deviation: nearly 10 pipettes/1pip
    Next week we'll bring a few more fresh tests. lots of new brokers and interesting results!

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    TradeRush VS. MT4 by FXPro - Results are here! !!!

    Tested: 12 minutes and 38 seconds on March 20th 2014
    Shown: Last 3 digits of a 5 digit MT4 broker on the EUR/USD 1 minute chart
    Max. deviation: Nearly 30 pipettes/3 pip!

    Traderush has a strange flow in its pricing, starting nearly a pip below MT4, rising to nearly 3 pips above MT4 and then slowly getting closer again. This is devastating for testing a short term strategy with MT4, since a difference of nearly 4 pips in total, would crush most short term trades. I don’t understand this flow, so I hope Traderush will give an explanation.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Test traderush.jpg 
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