"The Ease Of Movement Indicator is a technical analysis oscillator that measures the relationship of an assets price changes to trading volume. This is a great thing for binary traders, in theory at least. Volume is an important part of chart analysis and one often overlooked. Volume is often the difference between a losing trade and a winning one. It takes the conviction of the markets for a predicted movement to occur. The more traders involved in any given break-out, support bounce or correction the more likely the market is to perform as expected. When volume is heavy more people are interested in an asset or trading opportunity. When volume is light less people are interested."

This is an indicator I reviewed a while back. It measures the amount and force of movement much like the Force Index and displays that information on a graphic. It can be used to pinpoint reversals in the longer term trends. Binary traders can use it to help find entries on corrections and other pullbacks. the signal is a little subjective so I recommend this for advanced traders only.

Ease Of Movement Indicator