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    The US dollar and stock markets have recorded growth due to publish ADP in the US. According to investors, it is an unmistakable signal of US economic strength.London's FTSE 100 jumped by 0.4% to 7500 points,German DAX 30 rose by 0.7% to 12240 points and French CAC 40 rose by 1.0% to 5180 points.

    Following the report on the opening of 209000 new jobs in the US in July,the dollar jumped to 111 yen from 110.04 yen.The euro fell to $1.1725 from $1.1883.The pound fell to to $ 1.3020 from $1.3240. Daw Jones rose by 0.1% to 22050 points,S&P rose to 2477 points and Nasdaq rose 6450 points. Nikei index dropped 0.4%,Shanghai fell by 0.35,while Hang Seng posted rose by 0.1%.

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    Top Rated News 7th -11th August

    Monday 7th August
    No significant data to be published. Its Bank Holidays in Canada. FOMC Member Kashkari will be spoken.

    Tuesday 8th August
    It will be released JOLTS Job Openings for the US dollar, Chinese Consumer Price Index and Producer Price Index.

    Wednesday 9th August
    It will be published Crude Oil Inventories for the US dollar and Official Cash Rate for New Zealand dollar.

    Thursday 10th August
    It will be released Manufacturing Production for pound,Producer Price Index and Unemployment Claims for the US dollar. RBA Governor Low will be spoken.

    Friday 11th August
    It will be published Producer Price Index and Core Consumer Price Index for the US dollar.

    My trading tips
    I’m call option on EUR/USD this week.
    I’m put option on GBP/USD this week.
    I’m call option on AUD/USD this week.
    I’m put option on USD/JPY this week.
    I’m put option on USD/CAD this week.


    The pair continued to rise. They are political,economical and monetary advantage in the euro zone. It will push higher the currency pair once again this week.

    The Bank of England didn’t raise the rate. The US dollar is under pressure.The Brexit also will push lower the currency pair this week.

    The Australian economy shows strong economic growth. It includes Chinese economy also. China as the largest trading partner of Australia.

    The currency pair is under pressure. The Fed will not raise the rate while the BOJ will not do anything to weak the yen.

    The pair is under pressure this week. Canadian economy is doing well in the second quarter. It is included tha last raise the rate. It supported the Canadian dollar.

    Market watch

    Global financial markets will focus on a series of US economic data this week as well as a series of FED officials' speeches.During this week, a number of Fed officials will hold speeches. It will be at the center of attention for possible indications of future moves related to monetary policy. Markets are skeptical when it comes to Fed's interest rate rise in December, due to concerns over a weak inflation. It expected to begin the process of reducing the balance sheet by September.

    On Tuesday in China will be trading data for July. The report is expected to show that the trade surplus of the country expanded to 46.08 billion dollars from 42.77 billion in June. Exports forecast an increase of 10.9% in July compared to a year earlier, after a jump of 11.3% in the previous month, while imports are expected to grow by 16.6% after an increase of 17.2% in June. On Wednesday will bw published data on consumer and producer prices inflation in July. The growth of consumer prices is forecast for 1.5% over the past month, and for producers' prices an increase of 5.5%.

    On Thursday, data on production in June will be published in the UK. It is expected to remain unchanged, following a 0.2% drop in the previous month. Industrial production is projected to grow by 0.1%, following a decline of 0.1% in May. Last week, the Bank of England downgraded its forecasts for economic growth and wages. It said it wasn’t in a hurry to raise interest rates, as Brexit would probably affect the economy.

    The organization of oil exporting countries will announce its monthly assessment of the oil market on Thursday. It includes global stock data for July. On Friday, the International Energy Agency will announce its monthly report on the global supply and demand of oil. The data will provide an insight into whether a global oil rebalance takes place. Markets will also be focused on a meeting of oil ministers of OPEC, which will take place today and tomorrow in Abu Dhabi.

    On Friday the US Ministry of Trade will publish data on inflation for July. Market analysts expect a growth of 0.2%, while core inflation predicts growth of 0.2%. In addition to data on inflation, this week will also publish reports from the labor market, productivity outside the agricultural sector, labor costs and production prices.
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    I took call on gold H1 expiry ITM

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    The ECB is likely to announce a change in its bond buying program in September.In July the Central Bank maintained a loose monetary policy and announced that it would discuss the harshness this autumn.

    Production in the UK rose in June to 0.0% with minus 0.1% in the previous month.It was in line with forecasts.Industrial production in the UK rose in June to 0.5% with minus 0.1% in the previous month.Economists expected growth to 0.1%.Trade balance fell to minus 12.7 billion pounds in June from minus 11.3 billion in the previous month. Growth was forecast at minus 11 billion pounds.

    Jobless Claims in the US rose last week for 3000 persons to 244000 from 241000 in the previous week. Analysts expected a fall of 1000 to 240000 persons.Inflation of producer prices in the US fell 0.1% in July. It was forecast for 0.1%,following a 0.1% rise in the previous month. Basic price inflation rose 0.1%,following a 0.1% rise in the previous month and a 0.2% growth was expected.


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    Top Rated News 14th -18th August

    Monday 14th August
    It will be published Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes for Australian dollar.

    Tuesday 15th August
    It will be released Consumer Price Inflation for pound,Core Retail Sales,Retail Sales for the US dollar.Its Bank Holiday in France and Italy.

    Wednesday 16th August
    It will be published Average Earning Index for pound, Building Permits, Crude Oil Inventories, FOMC Meeting Minutes for the US dollar, Producer Price Index for New Zealand dollar, Employment Change and Unemployment Rate for Australian dollar.

    Thursday 17th August
    It will be released Retail Sales for pound, Unemployment Claims for the US dollar.

    Friday 18th August
    It will be published Consumer Price Index for Canadian dollar.

    My trading tips

    I’m call option on EUR/USD this week.
    Economic data and politics condition are better in the euro zone than in the US.Labor market in the US looks good while inflation remains weak.The ECB is getting closer to end monetray policy easing.

    I’m put option on GBP/USD this week.
    Slowdown UK economy weaked the pound. The US dollar is under pressure but Brexit seems worse than expected.

    I’m call option on AUD/USD this week.
    The Australian dollar will rise this week.

    I’m put option on USD/JPY this week.
    The currency pair continued to downward trend line. Events in North Korea weaker Japanese yen against the euro but not the US dollar.

    I’m neutral on USD/CAD this week.
    The pair recovered the last week. Canadian dollar has weakness like balance orders.

    Market Watch
    Global financial markets will focus this week on the record from the last Fed meeting as well as on key economic data.

    The US Department of Commerce will publish retail data for July. It is forecasted that the report will show a rise in retail sales by 0.4%, after a fall of 0.2% in the previous month.Retail sales are expected to grow by 0.3%, following a decline of 0.2% in June.US data on the number of new houses, building permits, industrial production and consumer sentiment will also be published this week.

    The National Statistics Office of the UK will publish data on consumer price inflation for July on Tuesday. Analysts expect growth to 2.7% from 2.6% in the previous month. Traders will also focus on data on the number of unemployed and retailers.

    On Tuesday Germany will announce a preliminary report on economic growth for the second quarter. It predicts growth of 0.7% after a 0.6% growth in the previous quarter. Eurozone will release revised data on growth in the second quarter on Wednesday. Its growth is estimated at 0.6% from 0.5% in the first quarter.

    The Fed will announce the minutes of the last meeting on Wednesday.It took place on July 26. The bank left interest rates at the same level as it was expected and announced that it would start relatively quickly to reduce the large balance sheet.

    Labor market data in Australia will be published on Wednesday. Unemployment rate will remained unchanged 5.6%.

    On Thursday, data on producer price inflation for July will be published in New Zealand.Analysts forecast growth at 0.9% from 0.8% in the previous month.
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