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    G'day new member !!!

    A new adventure starts so be months of studying before I can develop the strategies that I feel confident with before I plunge in . Spend 12 months year between the Uk , Australia & Asia so be a perfect way to make my money work for me.
    Was an investment broker in the UK ( unit trusts back ) then and held licences in Tasmania . Also D'JAYED in many countries soul music . So love a challenge !
    Excited about this new adventure & sometimes it is not rocket science especially if you make decision's from the left side of your brain. Trust you all having a good day best John

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    Hi John and welcome to CommuniTraders!

    I wish you good luck with your new adventure and success in all your plans!

    Check out our binary options school and feel free to ask questions on the forum.

    Your feedback will be greatly appreciated

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    Hello John,

    Glad to see you on board I wish you good luck and a lot of $$$ in your trading account!


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    Welcome to CommuniTraders redpants! see you around mate!

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    Thanks for the welcome's appreciated and Good luck to all best John

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    Hi John, welcome to BOTS. You have to come to the right place. good LUck

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    Hi there! Welcome. I'm also a newbie here. I find this site interesting and informative and I know I'll enjoy it here as well as learn more to widen my views.

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    Hello catherineB,

    Welcome to CommuniTraders! I wish you to really enjoy your participation in our binary trading community and to have fun together with learning new skills and facts about this fascinating way of trading. The best you can do is to participate actively in all the discussions, to trade on our demo platform and share your trades together with the explanation why you take them with all our fellow traders. With positive feedback from them you will improve your trading skills faster than you expect. I wish you good luck and happy trading!

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    Three months on still here as determined as ever and the great work done on this site as inspired me to continue it is an ''addiction '' but the fear factor I failing is always there ! So I will continue to study and test before I ''jump in '' . Thanks again to the hard work put in to this site .

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    I finally pulled the trigger 6 weeks ago currently 39 wins 35 losses . Learnt so much by going live my weaknesses ect . Having a 9-0 win run was counterproductive also a 7-0 losing really tests your nerve .
    The 60's is a coin toss with a small return 62% - 70% on Top Option . Still looking at them when you have a news event if the candle does not do its dance after a bit and you have a gut feeling on the news .
    I personally feel will all have to trade to are own personality traits and settled on the daily - weekly - monthly .
    Lost quiet few trades on gold that's hard !
    Living in Australia settled on Aud/ Usd & the Usd / Yen so getting to know them them . Love drawing my own S/R levels and checking that with the daily pivots over 3 days . Settling in to trade naked more just on price just your Candle patterns especially if there at S/ R levels to confirm . If it confirms with stoc & rsi with Volume then it hads more confidence ie the yen at 101.250 at surport.
    Very interested in Fundamentals and avidly learning as much as possible . Going to be trading the Aussie down in the near future . The continuing fall of are Iron ore with it costing $80 a ton to get it out of the ground and a lot of the smaller miners coming online with oversupply even will affect Fortescue . The drop in gold is also going to help send are dollar down . The house market is too high but the expected interest drop will only fuel that . China is such a concern for us with 40% of are exports and the drop in Land & real estate prices and there ghost cities is got to finally impact on us here heavily !

    My gut feeling are dollar heading for 88c . Gold heading for $950 in next 2 years .
    Thanks again for all the information on this site that as fuelled my addiction .

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