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    TIps from the Geek 4-17-2017 - get ready, earnings are on the way! !!!

    Geopolitical hooplah, that's what I say, hooplay, is wreaking havoc on the market. But not really. There are some shifting near term trends but nothing to alarming. It's all setting up for great long term entry signals, we just need to wait until they show up. For now I am going to go with the flow, flight to safety and all that, with short term 3 day entry on most of my positions.

    SPX – NADEX traders look to buy the 2324.50 strike at $55, end of week. Spot traders look to buy a one day put at the open, and a one week call tomorrow or Wednesday.

    Oil/WTI/USO - “the geopolitical situation trumps all this week. I'm playing a call on oil, 3 days only though, so be careful. Entry below 11.15 for USO, $52.250 for WTI. NADEX traders look to buy the $53.25 at $55, end of week, take profits early if possible.”


    Gold - “the flight to safety, its happening again, not too late, I'm just going for 3 days though, be careful. Entry below 1290. NADEX traders look to buy the $1283.50 at $57.50, end of week, take profits early if possible.”


    EUR/USD - “the dollar is fading, for now, but is also near support so how low it goes is anybodies guess. I'm bullish on this pair, for a short term 3 day trade only. NADEX traders look to buy the 1.0675 at $40, end of week.”


    USD/JPY - “the dollar is falling versus the yen, safe haven that it is, in times of trouble. I'm trading a put, entry above 108.60, one week. NADEX traders look to sell the 108.25 at $60, end of week.”

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    Yo, my trade on the SPX. Index at support, within a range, with volatility in the air... and economic data and earnings to support it.

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    Thanks Michael for the trading ideas. For me they seems reasonable bets. What about the risk of the French vote next weekend? Do you think this can affect this week trades or it will be confined only to the next week?
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    Euro weakened during against the US dollar. The euro is under price volatility to the upcoming presidential elections in France. Elections are scheduled on Sunday. The difference between the four major presidential candidates doesn’t exceed 4%. The political crisis over North Korea's latest statements and US official characterized that Iran sponsored terrorism.Investors can focus the euro to safe investments. Consumer price index in the euro zone remains unchanged while the trade balance was better than expected.

    The US dollar strengthened against the Japanese yen.Tensions in North Korea contributed to the strengthening of the dollar against the Japanese yen.There wasn’t the publication of macroeconomic information from the US and Japan.The exchange rate can be affected by the political risk in the world, as well as indicators of technical analysis. The dollar rose against the Japanese yen by 0.30%.

    The gold price dropped.Gold price movements can be affected by political uncertainty due to the upcoming parliamentary elections in France.Gold was down 0.63%.

    Crude oil price fell by 0.08%. A report showed a drop in crude oil inventories.Oil prices due to increased manufacturing activity in the US fell. During the day in the US will be published government report on crude oil inventories. It can affect the price of this energy source.

    US stocks fell yesterday.S&P500 closed at 2342 points lost 0.29% The winner was Coca Cola (+ 0.95%), a loser was Goldman Sachs Group (-4.72%). The index was trading at 2341 points. It means an increase of 0.17%.

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    Tips from the Geek, 4-24-2017 - yet another big week on tap. !!!

    Yet another possibility for a hot week. The French election is basically over, there is an ECB meeting, FOMC is next week, flight to safety is overish, we get US 1st quarter GDP and of course earnings season is in full swing. Let's see what happens, I'm bullish on the US, the dollar and bearish on EUR, JPY, Gold and Oil.

    SPX – “Monday morning action is hot, the Le Pen loss has unleashed the beast in the same way as the Trump win. I'm bullish, will trade short term calls at the open and a longer term weekly call once the opening blast of action wears off. NADEX traders can look to buy the 2478 at $45 and $40. $45 to make sure you get one, and $40 to make sure you get one if price pressure dips during the opening scramble.”


    OIL/USO/WTI - “the fundamentals are clear, even with OPEC cuts supply outweighs demand, and even if production is reduced CAPACITY remains, as does rising US production. I'm bearish, put above $10.32 for USO, as close as you can get to $50, above $49.75, for WTI. NADEX traders look to sell the $48.75 at $70, end of week.”


    USD/JPY - “the flight to safety is over, the Le Pen loss (almost) is a big relief. I'm bullish on the dollar, just waiting for ECB meeting this week, and US GDP on Friday. Call, entry below 110.290. NADEX traders look to buy the $110.75 at $35, end of week.”


    EUR/USD - “The EUR is up on Le Pen's first round loss to Macron, but the gains are likely to be short lived. They signify a possible strengthening of the EU, but the EU and ECB are still in stimulus mode while the US and FOMC are in growth mode. I'm bearish, entry above 1.0850. NADEX traders look to sell the 1.0825 at $60, end of week.”


    Gold - “The flight to safety is over, and the dollar is poised to make a massive move higher... if I'm right in my analysis, it's been a rough month or so I'll be honest. I'm bearish, entry above 1270, end of week. NADEX traders look to sell the $1266.50 at $60, end of week.”

    "Great Googely Moogely" ... Frank Zappa

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