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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Kay View Post
    Don't be! If you already bought a copy, why won't let us know how's it working??
    for sure! That's what we're all about. Let us and everybody else know what the deal is.

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    Yeah, sounds good: show how it works!

    Then everyone can judge about it and you can prevent others from falling into such a scam thing.
    If it does work, I'm sure you'll get some positive feedback too, since we're not here to laugh at you, but to help.
    However, I guess it will be the next disappointment...

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    BINARY HOLY GRAIL??????? Holy cow! There will never be, lol ! My personal experience, just master the built-in indicators in mt4. (stochastic, macd, rsi.....) and watch significant market news, successful trades achieved. Also my opinion, people who spend time building their indicators have the right to earn compensation for their efforts PROVIDED IT REALLY WORKS, lol. This industry are infested with plenty of scammers, lol. Many thanks to BOTS and lucky are the newbies who landed at this site immediately, just spend time to read everything here, and you shall be well equipped ! Do not rush, research, research, research ... There is no shortcut to success ! Best regards to all !

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    I don't use a grail to trade. In 2014, it's normal to use a computer...

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    Why dont they post live video on youtube about his indicator like binarydiaries are posting

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    because it's a bs scam just like the post you made, trying to get people to go to your website/channel.

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