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    The season to be jolly for Apple - High binary option 1000$ Trade !!!

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    Apple stock is basically at the same value it was one year ago but the difference resides in the fact that unlike last December when it was on a downtrend, the stock is heading towards the $600 threshold. With the holiday season upon us and following the tremendous success of Black Friday weekend, Apple shareholders have plenty of reason to be enthusiastic. There are couple of reasons for why this winter should see their stock gaining worth and these gains should continue in early 2014.

    Better than expected sales in Asia

    The Chinese market remains the top priority for the Cupertino giant, even though it is obvious that gaining access to this lucrative market is not going to be easy. Apple got its ducks lined up earlier this year by signing an agreement with China Mobile that should prove profitable in 2014. The Chinese are increasingly willing to spend money on quality products and those who can afford the investment are likely to choose Apple over their competitors.

    Meanwhile, they are enjoying better than expected results in Japan where the traditionally conservative market is opening up to iPhones, iPads and all the products that make their ecosystem. Recent numbers indicate that while Japanese remain faithful to local brands, they spend more money than ever on Apply products and the data also suggests a trend being formed. One explanation for why this trend accelerated lately can be found in the NTT Docomo deal.

    iPhone 5S and 5C are a big hit

    Criticized by some as overprices and not innovative enough, both products sold well immediately after being announced. It is only fair to assume that they will sell like hot cookies during Christmas time, when parents are more willing to spend money on such gadgets. Obviously, the little ones represent only a fraction of the audience that Apple targets, but past results suggest that they still amount for a decent income this time of the year. The iPhone 5C was a fairly risky experiment and some feared that the product would be perceived as cheap therefore unappealing to regular Apple customers.

    This didn’t happen and the reason is a fortunate combination of smart marketing and considerable efforts on Apple’s part to maintain the same concern for quality. Another good news is that iPhones now cost less to manufacture while the prices are similar to the products sold one year ago, which translates into boosted profits. Binary options traders could take a leap of faith and bet on the stock to hit $600 by the end of the year, but risk-averse ones should avoid the round number. It is more likely for Apple to cross the $590 line while crossing the psychological barrier at the end of January 2014.

    The season to be jolly for Apple  - High binary option 1000$ Trade
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    looks interesting... thanks for the info aqz

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