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    Pening Home Sales !!!

    I am betting with my friends that it will be weaker than expected. WHY???? Because last three readings were negative and even though analysts are expecting positive reading but I am betting that it will stay weaker than analysts' expectations.
    If I win, I am going to get $2k from my friends otherwise I am going to give them....
    Support me Home Sales.
    Pening Home Sales
      Will Expire in
      Entry Price
       Cur/Exp Price
      Trade's LIVE   status

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    huhuhuhuhu !!!I just won $2k bet and now going to win this trade too if eur/usd moves as it should after this data release.

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    Welcome to CommuniTraders Million Dollar Baby (: LOL. Why wont' you buy some houses to support your trade ??

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    Thx Martin. Looks like I have to do some buying/selling next time to support my trades as current market price is not moving as it should. It is swinging around my entry price and mostly below my entry price.
    Let's hope I win by a few pips as I hate Losing.

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